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Frequently asked questions about financial planning

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What is meant by financial planning?

Financial Planning is all about putting goals together, financial goals together, and how to achieve them. So that could be a pension and pension planning it could be a retirement holiday. It could be an extension to a new house. It’s all about looking at the money you have, looking at the money that’s coming in and going out and seeing Can you put things or structure things in a certain way to achieve those financial goals that you have.

What are the six steps in the financial planning process?


1. Determine Your Financial Condition:
2. Create Your Financial Goals
3. Always Identify Your Plan-B
4. Evaluate and Analyse your Plan-B
5. Evaluate and Implement your Financial Plan
6. Review your Financial Plan Periodically

What is the difference between a financial planner and a financial advisor?

Financial Advisor does what it says on the tin, it’s someone that gives you financial advice. So that could be someone that helps you to plan a pension, that helps you to change your mortgage structure. So it’s just giving advice, whereas a financial planner is someone that sits down with you and puts a financial plan together for you, monitors financial plan, keeps you on the straight and narrow for our financial plan and helps you achieve those goals, and sometimes that could mean changing the way you’re using your financial plan to adapt and go to a different goal or to change the goal ever so slightly.

How much does it cost to get a financial plan?

It’s all to do with the financial advisor that you’re using, and the financial planner that you’re using. And, and so you might be charged, an hourly fee for them to put that financial plan together. And that could just be a once off thing. Or they might charge you a commission, so that they help you to get a pension plan together, insurance plan together savings plan together. And they might not charge you a fee for ongoing work, they might just charge a commission on the money that you’re paying in.

 What is a financial planning coach?

A financial planning coach is a planner is someone that helps you with your financial planning, and they can then help you change and adapt your financial goals or the way you’re saving, as a result of current circumstances.

The importance of financial planning for an individual

Depending on what your goals are, then financial planning can be very important, and even, even if you don’t have financial goals you just want financial stability. It is good to have some sort of plan, put together, even the most basic thing is Do you know how much you’re spending every month. And do you know how much money is coming in every month. Do you know how much you have saved already. Are you able to save for upcoming car insurance or car tax payments. So, everyone should have some sort of financial plan, but depending on their financial goals, then that could be a fairly complex plan or it could be a very simple plan

Financial Advisor Cork

Are financial planners and advisors the same thing?

As we said previously, financial planner is maybe more in depth is someone that goes through all your financial incomings and outgoings and helps you to put a plan in place to achieve a certain goal, and they can work on commission or an hourly rate financial advisor is someone that gives you advice. And then you go off yourself and implement that advice so it’s a, maybe a once off transaction whereas financial planners are with you for the short and the long term.

Are financial planning fees tax deductible?

If you’re a company and you’re paying a financial planner or financial advisor, then yes those fees are tax deductible.

Can financial planners certify documents?

We don’t think so that would be somebody else’s I guess solicitor, and in Ireland, they wouldn’t be certifying as such

Can financial planners help with debt

Yes, they can help you with this. Again what entrepreneurs do, is they look at your current financial circumstances, they look at what your goals are, so you can call might be to reduce debt or eliminate debt, and they can help you achieve that by putting plans together.

Can financial planners work from home?

Some financial planners work from home. In this day and age of restrictions and everything else they do work from home, but it is good for them to be out and about and meeting clients face to face, and it is good for clients as well to meet them on a regular enough basis six months or 12 months.

Can financial planners give tax advice

To a degree they can give tax advice but there are specific qualified people that can give tax advice and tax planning advice. But what they can do is they can help you reduce or eliminate taxes that you pay by Have you with pension funds and saving funds, and so on.

Can financial planners give property advice?

Well they’re actually qualified property advisors, out there what they can do is they can help you with your properties, and the way you’re paying for your properties and the value of your properties, and whether you want to convert those properties or sell those properties and make money from them.

Can financial planners be trusted?

Well, yes, it does obviously depend on the financial planner. So make sure that you’re going for a qualified financial planner or financial advisor or certified financial advisor

Can financial planners provide tax advice?

Yes they can to a degree, but this is not their specific area. If you want in depth tax advice, then you can get a tax advisor or financial planners can help you reduce your taxes.

What can a financial planner help me with?

Financial advice and savings, pensions, trusts. There is lots of different financial areas that a financial planner can help you with

Do financial planners cost money?

Yes, they can charge, either an ongoing hourly race, they may charge you a flat rate, or they may charge a commission on the saving plans, and the financial plans that you’ve put together with them.

Do financial planners make commission?

Yes they do make a commission, and it depends on the company that they’re working with and what you want them to do with your money.

Do financial planners charge fees?

Yes, yes they do.

More Questions on Finance

Financial Planning Cork

Do financial planners need to be registered in Ireland?

We have a fairly strong financial regulator so financial planners would need to make themselves known to financial regulator, and anything financial or finance related in Ireland is regulated by the financial regulator. The central bank and financial planners can be certified financial planners, out of certified financial advisors, or qualified financial advisors.

Do financial planners make good money?

The good ones, make good money.It all depends on their clients, and how much money, or how much savings they’re making for those clients do financial planners help with debts. Yes, they do. They can help you reduce or eliminate debts by restructuring, your finances.

Does a financial planner have fiduciary duty?

Yes, they do. In Ireland, because of the financial regulator and good regulations, then yes they do have a fiduciary duty.

What does financial planner mean?

A financial planner means someone that helps you post a structure or a strategy together to help you increase your savings or to reduce debt or to help you with investments. Presently, or in the future.

What do financial planners charge for services?

They can charge you a flat rate and hourly rate, or they can just make money from commission so they don’t want to charge you directly.

Is a financial planner worth it?

Yes, it all depends on what you want to have done if you don’t have the time to put detailed financial plan together yourself, then this financial planner can help you with that. So it all depends on your goals, and if you want proper financial plan put together, and to structure your savings and your debts. Then, what the financial planner does is it saves you time and can then save you money.

Which financial planner is the best?

It’s all to do with their experience and their qualifications, on which companies that they’re working for as well. And it’s up to you, yourself, if you have a good relationship with a financial planner. And if you get transparent data on how your money is being saved or is being invested, then that might be the best financial planner for you.

Where can I find the financial planner?

Well you can Google for financial planners, that’s one simple way of doing that. You can see from their website or their listings, whether they’ve got good reviews or not. You can see if they have any qualifications and from bash, then you might decide to contact that financial planner.

What to look for in a financial planner?

Experience is one thing, and willing to adapt a financial plan to your needs, willing to help you focus on goals that you want for yourself, someone that has many years of experience is qualified and has a good reputation.

When to get a financial planner?

It all depends nowadays with the complex way finances go, it might be good to get a financial planner from the very start of a career, once you start making money and you start contributing to a pension. If you want to start saving for a mortgage or if you want to save for for a large expense. Then a financial planner might be worth getting it all depends again on what your personal needs are.